Sunday, November 29, 2009

Race Results

09/12/2009Project Alex 5k5K28:17
10/17/2009West Brookfield Five Miler5M46:50
11/24/2009Slattery's Turkey Trot5M43:34
11/27/2009Holden Turkey Trot5K25:52
12/05/2009Hot Chocolate 5k5K26:36
01/01/2010Freezer Five5M53:07
02/21/2010Half at Hampton13.11:55:52
03/07/2010Stu's 30k18.653:16:52
04/11/2010Dunleavy 5k5k24:21
05/23/2010Run to Home Base 9k9k46:05
06/04/2010Vermont Covered Bridges 1/213.11:51:04
07/04/2010Harvard Pilgrim 10k10k52:48
08/04/2010Dare Classic Police 5k5k25:47
09/12/2010Lex's Run5k24:28
10/03/2010Smuttynose Half marathon13.12:15:14
10/17/2010Bay State Marathon26.24:24:39
10/24/2010Groton Town Forest Trail Race9.51:32:48
11/21/2010Slattery's Turkey Trot5M40:56
11/25/2010Holden Turkey Trot5K25:30
12/05/2010Hot Chocolate 5k5K23:49
01/01/2011Freezer Five5M39:50
03/06/2011Stu's 30k18.653:07:12
04/30/2011Jog for Judy 5k3.124:58
05/26/2011No Frills 10k6.256:07
05/29/2011Pineland Farms 25k15.53:04:08
06/19/2011Mount Greylock Trail Half-Marathon13.13:06:36
11/20/2011Slattery's Turkey Trot5M42:46
01/01/2012Freezer Five5M42:35

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Half Marathon on the Trail

This morning I ran a full half-marathon distance (13.1 miles) on the Wachusett Rail Trail. My prayers from yesterday for no rain were answered, and the weather was around 40 degrees, with 20+ mph gusts of wind. But perhaps most importantly, no cold, wet precipitation being hurled at me by mother nature, in some sort of man-vs-nature battle for ultimate supremacy; also known as "a typical New England rain storm".

The route I chose to run is the segment of the rail trail that runs from River Rd. to the West Boylston entrance. This path runs by the historic Springdale Mill site, along the Quinapoxet river. This particular leg of the trail measures 2.75 miles. So my planned half-marathon route was: two out-and-back runs (11miles) plus an additional out-and-back to a little beyond the one mile marker. In preparation for the run, I packed light, but had some essentials: a pint of water, some tunes & some podcasts, and a couple Gu packets that I received as part of early registration for the Holden 5-K race I ran on Thanksgiving.

In an effort to have a progression run, I started out slowly. I probably ran the first 2-3 miles at about a 10:30-10:45 pace, knowing that eventually I'd like to settle on around a 10 min mile. I had the first Gu pack about 55 minutes in, and felt like the second leg of the run was pretty smooth. My pace improved and I felt like I was in a pretty good rhythm.

Around 9.5 miles, I started to feel a little tired, but was still on top of my breathing and didn't feel like I was really straining at all. I had the second Gu at about 1:50 or so and plugged along, listening to some really great pod casts, including Run Run Live and Running Adventures. I threw on the new Blakroc album, which I highly recommend if you like the Black Keys & hip-hop. The music drove me through some of the tougher stretches around mile 11.

The last two miles, however, were great. As I crossed over the 11 mile point, a distance I hadn't yet toppled this year, I felt a sense of accomplishment, relief, and excitement. My breathing was still normal and I didn't feel like my heart rate was out of control. The wind on that side of the trail was a bit less, and the sun starting shining through the pine trees. People were starting to get out for their own walks, runs, and hikes, and I was really charged by seeing others getting outside, enjoying nature, being active and happy on a Saturday morning.

I finished the distance in 2:09:30. Just about the 10 minute mile pace I had hoped to achieve.

All in all, a beautiful run. Can't wait until next time!

Run, run, run...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Holden Turkey Trot 5K

This Thanksgiving I signed up to run in the 6th Annual Wachusett Fitness Turkey Trot 5-K in Holden, MA. Having recently gotten back into running road races, I'd been browsing Cool Running for some local races, and happened to stumble across this race, in our hometown!

The race was scheduled to start at 8am. I arrived about 25 mins early, stretched and talked with a couple of the other runners. Eventually, we were ushered toward the start line for some pre-race announcements (Advice for the organizers: Get a louder speaker system! It was nearly impossible to hear over the drone of 500+ runners waiting to go :)).

And we were off! The out and back course ran down Main St. Holden. The turnaround point was just past the state police barracks. This route features some small rolling hills. I think I ran pretty fast out of the gate, and was feeling fairly strong at the mid-point.

The way back was a bit hillier than I thought it would be heading out, and I started to feel weaker during the 3rd mile. However, I was pretty excited to see my official finishing line:

189 286 Monty, Adam M32 Jefferson, MA 25:52

This averages out to about an 8:25 mile. This is a much faster time than anything I have previously been able to maintain, and has really helped keep this running bug alive!

Looking forward to my next road race, the Hot Chocolate 5-K in Northampton, MA, on Dec. 5th.

Also looking forward to another adventure tomorrow. If it is not raining terribly, I am targeting a 1/2 marathon distance for my Saturday long run.

I'll keep you posted.

Run, run, run...