Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Gear Under the Tree

Boxing Day. Time to test some of the gear I received as gifts this year. On list to test: Nike Livestrong thermal cap and gloves. Under Armour wicking base layer tights and wind-proof pants, and a Nike Dri-fit base layer shirt.

The temperature this morning: 30 degrees. A dusting of snow on the roads. Most of the roads are treated, and there is minimal ice accumulation. Slush on the sides. I was on the fence about running this morning, until I drove to the grocery store and saw another runner out there. That convinced me.

My course this morning, an out-and-back to the local elementary school. Six miles total. On torso: dri-fit wicking shirt, my EMS wind block layer and my trusty green wind/rain jacket. Legs covered by Under Armour. Hat and hand and hand protection brought to me by Nike.

No head phones.

Starting out slowly, the first couple of miles are net downhill and I want to evaluate the clothing. I'm totally comfortable without a fleece layer. The wind is minimal. Any wind gusts are easily blocked by the layers. I don't feel hot. This layering combination seems to have worked pretty well for these conditions.

Mile 3 is all up-hill. I get to the turn around spot and I'm feeling good. While I'm not focusing on time, I glance at the timer and see that I'm pacing <10:00, which is fine by me. I keep the same pace and run comfortably. Back down the hill, around the corner through the thick pines and over the bridge by a frozen pond.

I'm nearing the end. I still feel strong. I don't feel cold. I don't feel hot. Looks like Santa got my gifts just right.

I'm really looking forward to using the new gear again this Friday at the Freezer Five. I'll be running to burn off the evil baked goods I voraciously consumed with reckless abandon over the last few days.

Until then: run, run, run.

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  1. I hope to spot some good gear in the sales! Under Armour huh? I'll have to look for it! Thanks for the test run. Happy New Year!