Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Registration Complete!

Too many years ago, when I was a bright-eyed youth full of enthusiasm after just having completed a 2 year journey of personal transformation, culminating with the Kona Marathon, I heard about a half-marathon race in New England that sounded absolutely wonderful. While I was in (decent) running-shape, I never did manage to get around to registering for the race. The pounds crept back on and I lost my opportunity.

But this year, I found out about the Vermont Covered Bridges Marathon early enough to register. The time-window for pre-registration is small. Last year, they filled around 2,300 spots in about 82 minutes, and were anticipating higher volume this year.

On Monday, at 7:04pm EST, I managed to get in my registration. I waited over 24 hours for the confirmation e-mail. Turns out that they closed registration in an astonishing 19 minutes. Over 5,000 people visited the registration site, so I guess there is still a strong interest in this race, which takes place on June 06, 2010.

I'm really looking forward to the race, which passes under/over 5 covered bridges on what I've heard is a very scenic route. Here is one of the bridges that I found on Flickr.

I'm still on the fence about running a marathon in May. I might just focus on 1/2's for now, and add a full marathon later in the year (October maybe).

Anyway - I'm really excited about this race, even though it is more than 6 months away. :)

Until next time - run, run, run.


  1. this is great, Adam! congratulations!!
    19 minutes... 0.0 wow... you're pretty lucky to be registered.

  2. sweet! I'm totally jealous! I totally blew my chance at the Covered Bridges 1/2. If you decide to run a marathon in October, I'm shooting for Bay's flat and from what I hear pretty easy (can a marathon actually be easy?). I missed it this year because of injury but I plan on giving it a go this year.