Friday, January 1, 2010

Freezer Five

Today I ran in the Freezer Five road race. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a run. No snow, just around freezing, very little wind. My companion for today's race: Mighty Joe Young (my father in law). A two-time Iraqi war veteran, and 8-time marathon finisher who hasn't run a road race since his last tour, 5 years ago. My main goal for the race today - run side by side with a man that I am truly honored to even know, let alone have as part of my family.

We arrived about a half-hour early. Joe registered. I got my t-shirt. We stretched a bit and gathered near the start. Quite a turnout.

There was even a pace dog.

Joe has been running at the gym on the treadmill, at a pretty consistent 10 minute/mile pace. We started out slow. The first mile, however, we actually cruised at 9:30 or so. A bit too fast for Joe. So we slowed down. He urged me to go ahead, but I knew that I was going to tack on an extra 4.7 miles after the race. I had decided earlier that I wanted to get some extra mileage (long run for the week). So, I had no problem taking it nice and slow.

There were some small rolling hills in the middle of the race, nothing too serious. We saw Jenni and the kids partway though the race. Great to have a cheering section, and photographers.

Here we are coming down the final stretch.

My main goal was to have him finish ahead of me, which he did, in about 53 minutes. I wasn't out to set a PR, but it was a "personal best" for sure. I'm glad to have run with Joe, and I hope the race "put a bug up his ass". His words :)

After the race, I clocked an additional 4.7, over hilly terrain. I finished this segment in just under 47 minutes, so right around a 10 minute average, which I'm happy with right now, for my distance runs.

It was a great day for a race, and a great way to start the new year; with a fun run, family, and post-race food!

Until next time: run, run, run.

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