Thursday, January 21, 2010

In the dark, in the dark. Would you, could you, in the dark?

4:40am. I roll over in bed and glance at the time. The alarm isn't due to go off for another 5 minutes. Why am I awake? The last few days, my internal clock has pulled me from sweet slumber just before I hear the familiar 'Marimba' tone and roll out of bed to get ready for my early morning run.

These days, the temperature is right below freezing, and it is dark. I run on a residential loop near my house. One loop around is just over one mile. There is virtually no traffic. Occasionally, I see one or two people leaving for work. Perhaps someone walking a dog. This morning, I saw newspapers being delivered.

It isn't completely dark. There are street lamps. There are lights on houses. With no traffic, I can run in the middle of the street and avoid the icy edges and any irregularities in the pavement.

For the most part, I am alone. I've been leaving the headphones at home. It is cold, dark, and quiet. The sky is very clear. Glancing up, it seems I could snatch the stars. I'm alone in the freezing black morning. Alone with my thoughts. Alone with my breath.

It is quite meditative.

I'm very grateful that I've made the switch to running outside during these early morning sessions. For reasons that I can only attribute to my amazing proclivity for procrastination, I avoided gearing up and hitting the roads when I started these early AM workouts last year. I'd stumble down to the basement for another treadmill session. When the treadmill started to die (about a month ago) I decided to make the change.

So, it's 4:45am. Why am I awake? I've come to love these early morning, bone-chilling pre-dawn runs.

How about you?

Until next time - run, run, run.


  1. your morning runs sound almost surreal.

  2. 4:45am! thought I was daft getting up at 5:15am.

    Agree with you though, early morning runs are quite meditative. There's something eerie yet peaceful and quite beautiful about seeing the town you live in just before it wakes up.

    I run a 2 mile loop that takes me through the town centre. I see the same guy out walking his dog most mornings and a woman that works at the local convenience store (she's usually out for a smoke break when I'm passing).

    Always say hello to both and maybe respond to some occasional weather small talk as I run past.

    Part of the run is out of town on a country road. Means a head torch and HiViz jacket are essential.

    Keep up the morning runs!

    Happy running!

  3. Sounds quite rejuvenating! I know the feeling although I'm not a fan of early morning runs. I love my bed too much hehe! Hats of to ya for getting it done!

  4. Aah, the all too familiar sound of the marimba...I know it well! These early predawn runs are growing on me...