Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Recap

I finished January in much the same way that I began it - running off beer calories.

This year, I am endeavoring to run at least one road race each month. This month got that goal taken care of quickly, with the January 1st Freezer Five miler. I tacked on an extra 5 to really ring in the new year.

I also started really training for the Half at the Hamptons. I found an 8 week schedule and jumped in on week 2. It's the first time I've incorporated speed work and tempo runs into my routine, which I have already noticed. My "comfortable pace" time has been steadily improving.

Finding the time to train has led me to getting up for cold pre-dawn runs. Turns out that I really love these, but I've already blathered on that enough on this blog.

Lastly, there's the blog itself. I've posted more here, on dailymile and twitter about my runs and I've been impressed. The group of runners on dailymile and twitter are nothing short of awesome. It's completely inspiring to read about and interact with people of all ages and abilities who share a love for being fit and healthy and just getting out there!

On the topic of getting out there, I was out for 105 miles last month.

On tap for February: The Hampton Half on Feb 21 and more of the same: run, run, run

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  1. "The group of runners on dailymile and twitter are nothing short of awesome."
    The feeling is mutual my friend!