Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Marathon for Boston

You should run Boston! You should crash the race and run without a number. You've already done the hard part!

This is what I've been hearing for the last month. I can't argue with the claims. Over the last 6 weeks, I've averaged around 33 miles a week. I've gone out on 17 and 19 mile runs over terrain far hillier than any speed bumps that Hopkington to Boston has to offer. I've run Stu's 30k and set a 5k PR - in the spring - something a bit uncommon. It is fair to say that I have had a productive winter running season.

There isn't really any reason why I couldn't have entered to run Boston this year, save my own personal goals. My main marathon goal remains the 2011 Kona Marathon. Marking the 10 year anniversary of my historic weight loss efforts of 1999-2001, the 2011 race in Hawaii will represent the culmination of a couple years hard work to get to the healthiest weight and fitness level of my adult life. I may run Bay State later this year, but that will just be appetizer for the main course in Kona next year.

Until then, I have a number of half-marathons in my sights, including the Vermont Covered Bridges Half, and the inaugural Worcester Half. Add to this the charity race at Fenway in May and I've a pretty full schedule already. So I just couldn't see myself adding Boston this year.

But that doesn't mean I won't run like the rest of you. I just spread it out over two days.

This weekend, I ran 26.62 miles (13.37 Saturday and 13.25 Sunday). Through misty rain, over hilly terrain, and through wind gusts under cloudy skies, I ran on.

Consider it a tribute of sorts - to those of you that will toe the line tomorrow at perhaps the greatest event that our sport has to offer. The 114th running of the Boston Marathon. If you're an invitational entry, enjoy it. If you've managed to qualify - savor it.

Either way, I wish everyone running tomorrow the best of luck.

Run, run, run!

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