Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's A Small Running World

I've been trying to figure out what my approach will be for hydration on long runs this Spring/Summer while training for VT50. I have a CamelBak, but the couple of times I've worn it, I found it somewhat unwieldy. I was going to wear it out for a 20 miler tomorrow, but decided instead to go see what if I could find a nice handheld bottle around 20 oz.

I ventured over to PR Running in Westboro to see what I could find. I ended up picking up a Nathan Quickdraw Plus and can't wait to give it a go.

I wore my KSO's out, which naturally sparked up conversation with both the employees and patrons of the store. One of the guys there asked how I thought the VFFs would stand up against various types of urban debris. He seemed most concerned about discarded paraphernalia -

"We had a lot of needles on the streets in Willimantic when I was growing up."

"Willimantic huh? I grew up nearby in Plainfield."

. . . pause . . .

"I grew up in Plainfield too!"

Turns out that we both grew up in smaller villages in the already small town of Plainfield, CT. We rattled on about marathons; he's run Boston 7-8 times in a row, and generally is around a 3:11-3:15 finisher. We had similar stories regarding how we came to be runners. He used to weigh about 50 pounds heavier and was a pack-a-day smoker until he found running and turned his life around.

Our conversation turned to ultras and the current running streak I'm on. We talked about Derry and Stu's and some of the other local races. Eventually I asked - "Do any of you get online and log your workouts?" You see where this is going.

"Nah, I don't get that fancy about it.", said one guy.

"'Cause there's this really great site..."

I didn't even get to finish. The woman working in the shop this afternoon interjected -

"Oh?! You mean the dailymile?"

I was pleasantly surprised.

"Are you on dailymile?"

"No. But a lot of people talk about how great of a site it is..."

I smiled widely and started talking about how awesome DM has been and what a great community it is. By the end of my visit, I had several e-mail addresses for invites.

I could have stayed there all afternoon and talked running with them, but alas, I had to run to make a very important stop to procure beer. But what would have been an otherwise quick stop to grab a water bottle turned into a great conversation about the hobby we love with some really friendly people, and maybe even added a few members to our great dailymile family.

It's a small running world, after all.


  1. That always happens to me in there! Love those guys, they are one of our LEx's Run sponsor's as you know... In fact I had the SAME conversation with the same two people last week! I talked to the guy (I think his name was Pete) about Derry and Stu's, and I spoke with Andrea about dailymile. Funny. Even smaller than you thought, huh?

  2. Yes! Much smaller. Oh, I wanted to let you know Doug - I think the last time we had talked, they didn't have the Kinvaras over at PR. Well, they're in. Looks like they re-organized in there and maybe got some more gear. I noticed GoMotion sets in there as well.