Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week in Review: 100 Days, Daily Mile Team, and the highest mileage week ever!

What a week. Let's get right to it.

Monday, we were blessed with 38F temperatures and I ran the third mile of a progression run in 07:42. Tuesday, on day 99 of "the streak", I ran to the store to get bread at day break. Wednesday - I couldn't have scripted any better.

Wednesday - Day 100. Rebecca and I headed out in the darkness for the mid-week 8 mile training run. By the time we were finished, light was beaming over the pine trees to the east and we were treated to a beautiful sun rise. I went to work in a fantastic mood.

Around lunch I received an e-mail -

"Congratulations, you've been voted by the dailymile community to be a member of the 2011 dailymile team! We're so excited to welcome you, and even more excited to kick off a great year for dailymile!"

I'm honored and humbled and very, very grateful to the dailymile community. But mostly I'm really excited. I can't wait to get involved and help motivate and inspire people. Working with this 2011 team is going to be great. If you haven't seen the team yet, you can see the ambassadors in this Introducing the 2011 Team blog post. There are some seriously awesome people on the team. It's a shame that there were only 30 spots, because all of the applicants this year were amazing.

Thursday - Rebecca and I did our normal 4 miles in the dark. She congratulated me on election to the team, and we joked about the "Power of the 2011 Team" as she posted one of her fastest miles of this training cycle.

Friday - Normally a rest day. But, I had the day off, and it was incredibly nice outside. A freakish 50+ degree day in February. Way too nice to pass up getting out for a nice hour or so. I opted to run a 10 miler with some rolling hills. OK. Some significant hills.

On Monday, I signed up for Stu's 30k. I believe this run contained a climb worse than anything Stu's has to offer, and I felt fairly good the entire run. Low point of 383ft at 3.43mi and then a long climb to 774ft at 6.01mi. y = mx + b and you have a 2.87% grade. Note the particularly nasty section from 5.38mi to 6.01mi, which had a grade of 6.55%! I went back and found an old post on dailymile from last year, in which I ran almost the same exact course. Last year, I remember struggling with the hills. This year I was calm and ran at a comfortably challenging pace, and bested my pace by nearly 30 seconds!

Saturday - wind advisory in effect. I ran a quick mile around the neighborhood to keep the streak intact. The gusts were so strong that segments of the gutters on the house were lifted over the roof and deposited in the back yard.

Sunday - Long slow one with Rebecca. The schedule called for 17. I ended up making this a 30k. Man the wind was BRUTAL. Had a nice brunch and ice bath afterwards.

Checking my weekly totals on dailymile, I see that I hit 49 miles this week. This is my highest mileage week ever! I am aware that this week is a flagrant violation of the 10% principle. So, over the next week I'll be relaxing the mileage a bit on the "off" days.

But it was so much fun. Until next time: run, run, run!

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  1. 49 miles - awesome!
    dailymile team selection - awesomer!
    100 days and counting streak - frakkin' awesomest!