Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week in Review

What's happening loyal readers? Had another great week of just getting out there and running every day. As of today, Sunday, the running streak sits at 111 days!

Let's recap -

Monday - This was a "rest" day. I decided to join Jenni for some Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack. It's a core-centric circuit training routine. Afterwards, I went for a quick one to keep the streak alive. I thought my core would really feel it Tuesday morning. I was wrong. However, my legs were sore from the lunges and some of other exercises. I took that as a sign that I really need to cross-train a bit more.

Tuesday - Ran a slow recovery run (5 miles), as my legs were still a bit heavy from Sunday's 30k and that DVD.

Wednesday - It was -1 with wind chill and it was time to man up as I headed out for a mid-week 8 miler.

Thursday - I slept in and then ran up a ridiculous hill and enjoyed a nice warm sun. Garmin was a bit wonky though. Reported 229 HR.

Also on Thursday, the dailymile dailymission challenge was to hold elbow plank for as long as you could. I managed 2:21. This encouraged me to add at least 60 seconds plank each day after my run.

Friday - Ran one in the snow with the yaktrax on to preserve the streak.

Saturday - Great little four mile progression run. Sun was high and it was quite enjoyable.

Sunday - Rebecca's schedule called for 18. I tacked on two to make it a very slow, snowy twenty.

Finished up the week with 44 miles. I'll probably run just a mile tomorrow, so that'll bring my monthly total to 166. My highest mileage in a month. Ever. Well ahead of my goal to run 1500 miles this year, as I'll have logged 314 by the end of February. At this rate I might have a shot of cracking 2000 by years end. Crazy...

So aside from another good mileage week, I focused a bit more on core this week. I actually enjoyed the push-ups/plank post-run routine and I'm going to do a bit more core from now on. Even after a few days, I've noticed a difference.

I'll leave you with a video I shared this week on dailymile. One of those xtranormal movies we all enjoy. In this one, "Barefoot Steve" explains his "gorilla feet". Enjoy.

Until next time. Run, run, run.


  1. Love that video. Hilarious! Congrats on the record month!