Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week in Review

After the 19 miles on Sunday 9 days ago, I failed to stretch enough. I know this, because my Achilles tendon and calf were tight, tight, tight during Monday's One Mile Streak Preserver. Monday night, I broke out a bucket of ice and an ice cold beer and that seemed to have some positive effects. I ran a nice and easy five miles on Tuesday morning, trying to alternate between rpace (Rebecca pace) and something a little faster. On Wednesday, I wanted to mix it up, so I set out to try the "run 2 miles, walk 2 minutes" technique I had read about on some other DM posts. The achilles tendon, however, had other ideas, as I had to stop short on this planned 8 miler.

No point in getting injured. I decided to scale back the mileage and really concentrate on stretching and icing the foot. Thursday was a surprisingly icy planned 5 miler that I cut back to 3 to rest the foot. On Friday, I managed to get in a quick VFF run. Achilles actually felt pretty good, just in time for a nice dozen on Saturday with Rebecca. We took it nice and slow, in zone 2, and I finished it up with an ice bath. Achilles felt pretty good.

Miles for Miracles
Sunday, I made my way over Doug's house for the 36k For Miracles one-day event. If you hadn't heard, Doug is raising money for Children's Hospital in Boston, and put together a virtual challenge. On Sunday, he set out to run a 5k, 10k and half-marathon. Participants could race against on Dailymile and be eligible for prizes. Almost $1,000 was raised for this awesome cause, but there's always room for more help. If you can help, please visit the donations page here.

I ran the 5k course, in reverse. I ran into Doug about half way and shouted something unintelligible at him - my special form of encouragement. The route was hilly, and I was pretty happy that a) the achilles felt good and b) I maintained even sub-9 splits. After the 5k was over, I went back out to support him during the 10k effort. A great day to be involved with an awesome runner for a wonderful cause. Also got to see Mary and Tom McManus at the house, which was an added bonus.

So...I lowered the mileage, upped my stretching and icing, and I think the tendon and calf are on their way to feeling much, much better. All this without ending the streak, which now sits at 134 days. I'll leave you this week with a couple of Brooks Running videos that I found while surfing around on Youtube one night last week. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Until next time: run, run, run.

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