Monday, March 28, 2011

Week In Review

It's three weeks until Boston as I type this. Three weeks! Excitement grows as days pass. My training with Rebecca has been going well. Last week was to include our final long training run - the twenty miler. Unfortunately, we wouldn't complete it. My left foot had some other ideas.

Since Stu's 30k I've had some achilles tendon and lower calf tightness. I iced, stretched, and rested (as much as a person that runs every day rests) it and by Monday it was feeling better. Tuesday morning I met R for our standard Tuesday 5. Wednesday, we pushed the pace (it's all relative) and got in some hump day speed. Evidently, neither of us slept well that night, for we had a tired Thursday morning. I closed out the work week with a nice little Vibram mile, on TGIVFFF.

Heading into Saturday morning I was feeling optimistic; thinking that after twenty, I'd tack on a few more and perhaps end up logging 22-23 miles, finishing with some tough hill work home. This run also gave me an opportunity to try out another handheld with honey water. I picked up another 22-oz Nathan quick draw handheld. To balance out my right hand, I filled this new bottle with a mixture of honey, water, and chia seeds. About 1/4 cup of honey, a heaping tsp of chia, and water.

 1 GU1 handheld
The bottle of honey water provides roughly the same caloric/carb intake. Note the lack of sodium and potassium. When on longer runs, I've got the Endurolyte capsules to take care of this. One capsule packs 40mg and 25mg respectively. Instead of carrying 3-4 GU packs and taking them every 45-60 minutes, I take slow sips from the honey water after every mile or two. The chia seeds are supposed to really absorb water, to prolong hydration and retain precious electrolytes.

Armed with my honey-chia-water, I joined Rebecca on Saturday morning to head out for what I figured to be just under 4 hours. Earlier that week, I'd picked a course that started out downhill and then had some really low rolling hills, but was mostly flat, for the middle of the run. We'd finish up with a few climbs and then a gentle descent. All part of trying to Brad Pitt our training.

The first 10 miles went great. It was a bit windy, but the terrain was favorable, and we were pacing quite well. Then, just after mile 10, I rolled my ankle on some broken asphalt. I cursed at first. Then I swore some more. I walked it out. We ran for a bit. Eventually I decided to call home and get a ride. Better to live to run another day.

After getting home, I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon rehabbing the ankle. This called for a strict regimen of BRICE. You know the standard RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation)? Yeah? Just add BEER. This went on for hours. It was excruciating. Putting my foot up, drinking beer, watching basketball and playing Wii. Yup. Rough.

Sunday, Rebecca was going to make up for our aborted mileage. She went down to the WB rail trail for a few out and back on our favorite segment. I went out on the opposite end of the trail for an out and back of my own, to test the ankle. Surprisingly, it felt pretty good, even with the ice encrusted uneven terrain.

So here I sit, foot in a bucket of ice. Lots of preventive icing, "resting", and stretching in the next few weeks, as we taper down to Boston. Despite the minor achilles and ankle woes, this training cycle with Rebecca has actually gone quite well. Three weeks now.

Three weeks. Run, run, run!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Take it easy the next few weeks buddy! 3 weeks will fly by before we know it...