Monday, April 4, 2011

Week in Review

Last week was a bit of a recovery week for me. I went into Monday just two days removed from rolling my ankle during that aborted 20 miler. Wasn't sure how things were going to checkout, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Monday Zap The Zero run. Ankle felt decent. On Tuesday, Rebecca couldn't make our normal 5am wakeup run, so I did a pair just to keep things going. That second mile was smokin fast, and the ankle showed signs of recovery. Wednesday, Rebecca was back at it, and we had a nice and slow hump day run. More of the same recipe on Thursday's Five At Five. Closed out the work week with another sub-8 mile to keep the streak going.

On Saturday, Rebecca chose the course. We opted for a familiar 10k course with another 6 tacked on that would take us through the town center. I tried to warn her about the hills, but she insisted.

Despite her cursing the elevation change for most of the run, the weather was gorgeous and we had a nice Taper 12.

Sunday, I went out for some Sunday Speed. It felt great to really push it after a few days of nice and slow running.

In other news, I got a copy of Chi Running this week. I haven't gotten very far into yet, but I like some of the content already. I've begun to really focus on engaging the core, and getting that slight bend forward. I see how it'll take time to fully adjust, but can tell that there will be some real benefits to doing so.

That's it for now. The taper madness hasn't fully set in yet. Nor do I really expect it to hit that hard, as I don't plan on stopping the streak for some silly taper. Two weeks until Boston baby!

Until next time: run, run, run!


  1. You will notice a huge difference in how your core feels after a long run if you are "engaged". Its a big help when on uncertain footing and I feel the form getting sloppy.

  2. Thanks Logan. I have played with core during some other runs and have noticed that things get "easier" for lack of a better term. Just need to make more of a consistent effort to stay "engaged".

  3. Mindfulness is the key - something I am learning through my yoga practice. You are such an inspiration Adam and I am so grateful for your thoughtful sharing of your journey.

  4. Mary, I find that to be too true. When I'm locked in and paying attention, the rest of the run just flows naturally. I find this to be especially true on trail runs, where you have to surrender to trail, your surroundings, and the moment.