Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week in Review

The penultimate week. In just eight short days I'll be toeing the line in Hopkinton alongside my friend Rebecca. A pace running bandit. Her goal is to finish faster than last year - beat 4:59. The training cycle has been good, and we're almost there. Just a little bit of taper left.

On Monday, I went out for a nice sort of naked run. Tuesday we had our typical four at five AM. On Wednesday, Rebecca dropped the hammer. Thursday we enjoyed a great sunrise run. I closed the work week out with a nice crisp two miler.

Saturday, we had fantastic weather, and Rebecca and I hit the rail trail for our last long run of the training cycle. It was the first time we had run single-digits on a weekend since the beginning of training. The single-track trails were clear of snow and ice, so we were able to get off the beaten path for a bit.

I am feeling pretty confident about Rebecca's upcoming race. She actually paced faster this week than in most prior efforts. I know she has some nutrition question marks, but as far as pace and time on feet, I feel like she'll be able to hit the mark. Pace bubble will probably sit somewhere between 10:55-11:15. In any event, it looks like it is shaping up to be a great day for a run (if you believe long-term forecasts).

On Sunday, I just got out for a truly mesmerizing run by the Quinapoxet River.

The river. The sound of foot on soft pine, on crackling leaves, on snapping twigs, on rock. The splash of the brook, the muddy path, the pools of water amidst the ice, the river. In the distance, a dog, a child, laughing; a parent calling. Squirrels flee up trees. The sound of the breeze, of breath, of birds. Tweet. The sound of feet. But mostly, the river.

I'll leave you with a collage of images from this weekend.

Until next time: run, run, run.


  1. Breathtaking photos Adam! Just gorgeous. Love your weeks in review! Have a great one this week and this time next week you'll be in the exciting electric atmosphere of the 115th Boston Marathon! Woo hoo

  2. Great photos! What an awesome friend you are to be pacing your friend through Boston! Enjoy the the run!

  3. Thanks to you both! I'm looking forward to next Monday. I'm really hoping this ankle sorts itself out by then or it is going to be a long 26.2 :)