Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No Humans

Sunrise. Misting rain. Take the trail to river, the old road into the town forest. New trails to explore. Down the single-track to a river. The Quinapoxet? It's lush here. The sunlight is weak; veiled by rain clouds and the dense dark canopy. Move forward until the green is chest high and the sound of the water rises. Beyond a giant thicket of river fern, a great blue heron springs into action, its majestic flight recalling those of its jurassic ancestors. For a moment, not sure if it's a dream.

Away from the river, climbing the forest road to take more single track on ridge saddling two vast meadows. Farm land. Back to the forest. Squirrel and chipmunk scatter. Birds chatter. The rain is heavier on the return trip home.

No humans, save me.


  1. This is not just another running blog -- it is well amazing Adam!

  2. Adam,

    Beautiful writing my brother! I felt as if I was right there. New England must be booming with beauty right now. How is the transition from fall to winter treating you?