Monday, January 9, 2012

Your Infinite Potential

I find inspiration and motivation in many places. One of my most frequent sources is in a one or two line lyric in a song. My musical tastes can be probably best be described as eclectic. I vacillate between blissfully running on the trails listening to Fleet Foxes and banging out tempo runs on the pavement with underground rap in my ear buds.

This past weekend, on my ten miler, I was listening to a playlist I had made up for the Freezer Five race. Before heading out, I added a bunch of tracks on to the end of it - mostly classic/indie hip-hop tracks. After an hour or so, the underground classic Come Clean came on. I ran along, reminiscing about times hanging out back in the day listening to grimy east coast hip hop in the late 90s with my DJ friend Shawn, when the following words entered my brain.

I'm a true master, you can check my credentials. 'Cause I choose to use, my infinite potential...

That got me thinking. That phrase - I choose to use my infinite potential - bounced around my cranial cavity and would not escape.

I thought about how far I have come personally. Back in the day, at 350 lbs, I'd get winded simply walking up the 3 flights of stairs leading to my apartment; where I spent many an afternoon and evening sitting out on the porch, drinking 40s and eating junk, listening to music watching (and often mocking) the group of guys gathered to play soccer in the elementary school field across the street from my apartment. Fast forward to now - I'm out running 10 miles on a January day, in shorts, just because I wanted to get in a double-digit run. How on earth did this transformation occur?


One day, I woke up, and chose to change my life. It was not easy at first. No change is. But the capacity for great change is within us all. And when you find that spark, and nurture it, you can achieve amazing things.

It's just a matter of choosing to use your infinite potential.

Will you make that choice?


  1. Thanks for a great inspiring post!

  2. Thanks Niki! And thanks for reading :)

  3. Love this! Thank you for continuing to inspire and uplift!

  4. Thanks Mary! You're pretty inspiring and uplifting yourself :)