Saturday, February 4, 2012

Awesome Hangover

Standing on the icy edge of a 4135 acre reservoir, I thought - the word awesome is too commonly used. 

Awesome workout! What an awesome play! How was dinner? Awesome! 
This morning's run had moments that were awesome, in the true sense of the word.
What a great run this morning. Was out late last night (this morning) with old friends. slept for a few hours. Woke up and thought - I'm older than I've ever been. And now I'm even older. Took some ibuprofen. Had some water. Got dressed and got out there.
Today I drove over to the Wachusett Reservoir. There's a parking lot on 140 as you head toward Boylston. The road is part of the Stu's 30k course. I ran on 140 along the reservoir and took an old maintenance road down to the water. On to single track, fisherman and hiking trails that darted along the waters edge. Spectacular views.

Away from the water and into dense pine forest. The ground was so soft. Ran along old fire road with patches of ice scattered amidst red-brown forest floor. Roots reaching. Some parts of the forest so open that you could run through tall trees with little debris in the way of your step. Other places littered with downed limbs and wind-blown branches.

Parts of this run were truly exhilarating. I've never run over here, and the sense of wonderment as I crested hills or the amazement of gazing out over the water at distant shore in the sunlight far outweighed any ill effects I was suffering from last night's adventure. Don't get me wrong. I felt tired and my head was aching. At the beginning of the run. But as soon as I got about a mile in, and was on the trail, all of that disappeared. 

I am truly blessed to live so close to magnificent places to run.

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