Monday, February 27, 2012

Images From The Trails

This weekend was no different than any other - time on the trails! Saturday morning I got out relatively early (before 7am) with Rebecca for some time on the local connector trail and some of the offshoots of the West Boylston Rail Trail. Here are some Saturday morning pictures.

Quinapoxet River
Ridge high above the river and rail trail
Leading down to the river
West Boylston Rail Trail
Later that afternoon, I decided to head out for another short run. I took the extension of the rail trail that runs behind home and down over to a couple of waterfalls off Mill St. The high winds had knocked down many branches and some trees. Here are some of those pictures.

Downed branches on rail trail

Waterfalls Off Mill
Sunday morning I spent some time exploring by the river and on the red and white trails in Trout Brook. Here are some of the pictures.

If you are interested, all of the pictures are thrown together in one of those auto-generated iMovie photo albums, with musical selection from my five year old son -


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