Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sometimes you find an airstrip

Single-track off connector by the river. Icy splotches. Icy mosses. High ridge path requires some hands for balance. Upper loop off rail trail leads to more fire road. A vague memory of a pond over these hills leads to moving through the forest, without trail. Up ahead a slope, and clear blue sky beyond. The pond?

Stumbling upon the air field for the Quinapoxet Model Flying Club provides a wide open field with little runways mowed into brown grass. Paths along the edge of the wide plateau provide views of the pond. Gate shut, barbed wire fence leads to more running along the edge. Finally, a path down wooded slope leads to town forest road.

Bridge over Quinapoxet and back on to icy single track. Sit by the river for a minute. Cross frozen stream and back to road. Road to Mill. Bridge over Q. Rolling hills. Bridge over Q. And up the little hill back toward home.

There are birds here.

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