Friday, January 25, 2013

Still here...

Just haven't been motivated to write much other than my daily workout logs lately.

I'm 4 days away from 400 consecutive days of running at least a mile. Maybe I'll write something about that. Maybe I'll write about running in the negative temperatures the last couple of days. The way that my beard frosts up in under ten minutes, my fingers and toes freeze, and how it takes me longer to get ready to go run than it does to run the streak keeping mile some days.

Maybe I'll write about late night runs by headlamp and the river in the half packed snow. Maybe I'll write about the screw shoes I made out of an old pair of Pure Grits. Or how I'm fairly comfortable with the Hokas now. Perhaps I'll write about not having any race aspirations this year, about the Freezer Five PR on Janurary first, about the mountain.

Maybe I'll write about those things. But for now, I'm just writing this to say I'm still here...

Run, run, run.